Kevin Jonson

Personal Portfolio

A very bare bones portfolio site, put together in an afternoon, quite literally.

Disclaimer: this website was put together in one day from start to finish. It uses no 3rd party JS libraries and was 100% hand coded. That being said, it's probably prone to breaking. It's only been tested on Chrome on Mac OSX, so if you're having problems viewing any of the content, feel free to email me and I'll send a courier pigeon along with some printouts (or more likely, just fix the bug)

Home Value Tool

The home value tool is an interactive tool to help users determine the value of their home. The interactive process is meant to help people understand that the value of their home is based on nearby similar recent sales.

Deal Room

The deal room is the customers view of what the agent is doing and how their transaction is going. It includes an overview timeline, detailed tasks, a feed of activity and more. Due to the sensitivity of the information, this screenshot was taken from an mockup.

Style Guide

The Redfin style guide is a central repository for interface patterns. It includes the ability to run live examples of widgets that have a JS component.

Agent Tools

Agent Tools is the internal platform for all of real estate agents and teams. It is the daily centerpiece of their job and helps them organize their customers, deals, appointments, and many other things. I worked with our PMs to design and build the platform from the ground up. Look and Feel (admittedly dated at this point), UX Patterns, UI Components, and almost every page. The design is directed to optimize usability and workflow efficiency often at the expense of aesthetics.

Sell Deal Details

The deal details page is the high level overview of a sell side real estate transaction. It includes components such as a list of tasks associated with the deal, the people involved, the offer and property info, and a feed of what has happened.

Tour Details

The tour details page is one of three pages built to assist our Transaction Coordinators and Agents schedule and report tours that were taken with clients.

Customers List

The customers list is a high level overview of an Agents assigned clients.

Reusable Patterns

The Agent Tools platform is highly componentized to help speed development and create strong patterns for the highly repetitive users. These patterns are hosted in Google Docs to allow PMs and developers to modify and comment on the "speclets" as we call them.

Home Dashboard

Side project for a better dashboard display for my home automation system. Includes household todo manager. Still a work in progress.